Class Resources and Handouts

Class Handouts

Digital Photography & Photoshop Fundamentals:
Digital photography fundamentals.pdf
Digital imaging workflow.pdf

Selections and Masking.pdf
Sizing and Resolution.pdf
Photoshop CS5 Features.pdf
Film to Digital comprehensive.pdf

Intro to Photoshop Comprehensive.pdf

Intermediate & Advanced Photoshop:
Color Management for Print and Web.pdf
Channels and Masks comprehensive.pdf
Photoshop as a Design Tool.pdf
Filters and Smart Objects.pdf

Layer Management:
Layer basics creen.pdf 
Reflection Project/layers.pdf
Channels and masks basics.pdfLayerMasks.pdf

Camera Raw & Adobe Bridge Workflow:
Camera RAW 6.pdf
Raw Deal.pdf
Camera Raw_Bridge intro.pdf
Camera Raw workflow.pdf
Highlight recovery Camera Raw.pdf
DNG Primer.pdf

Digital Printing:
Epson 9900 User guide.pdf
Digital Print workflow.pdf
Hahnemuhle paper & printing guide.pdf
Epson printing instructions 4800.pdf
Wilhelm print permanence.pdf
State of the Art: Digital Imaging.pdf

Color Management & Prepress:
Digital color management.pdf
Making Color Behave.pdfSetting Color Space.pdf
Working color spaces, comprehensive.pdf
Color Managed Raw workflow.pdf
Image Prepress, comprehensive.pdf
Universal Photographic Digital imaging Guidelines.pdf

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