Interviews: Collective Intelligence

A SERIES OF INTERVIEWS from prominent individuals representing multiple disciplines on the themes of collective intelligence and transpersonal wisdom.

Ram Dass 2013 © David Ulrich

Grace is Here! : A Conversation with Ram Dass

Alan Arkin 2012 © Suzanne Arkin

Broadening the Arc of Devotion: A Conversation with actor Alan Arkin

Matthieu Ricard 2005 © David Ulrich

A Patch of Blue Sky: An interview with Tibetan monk, author, and photographer Matthieu Ricard

Thomas Coburn 2008 © David Ulrich

An Everpresent Invitation to Ever Greater Openness: A Conversation with Thomas Coburn, scholar and former President of Naropa University

Jim George 2014 © David Ulrich

The Omnipresence of Consciousness: A Conversation with former diplomat, author, and seeker, James George

Dr. Jacob Needleman 2012 © David Ulrich

To Live the Moment: A Conversation with philosopher, professor, and author Jacob Needleman