Through Our Eyes: Overview

Angela Ho Chung Hang,
Self portrait
© Robert H.N. Ho Family Foundation

What animates this astonishing book of images? The youth are closer to their source. They are less conditioned by culture and its influences.

The Basics
• Sponsored by: The Robert H.N. Ho Family Foundation
• Educational coordination: David Ulrich
• 170 Form Two (12-13 year old) students from over 100 HK schools
• Comprehensive curriculum provided to all students
• Two instructional sessions in photography and learning to see.
• Cameras provided (5 megapixel Olympus manual digital cameras)
• 18 groups of approximately 10 students each.
• 10 photographing days
• Total number of project images = 65,000
• Resulting book and four regional HK exhibitions including Hong Kong University art gallery.

Project Aims
• To offer an exposure to arts/creativity for students in the traditional examination-based educational system.
• To write and test a sustainable curriculum to address the need for arts/creativity in the HK schools.
• To foster the underground explosion of creativity amongst HK and China youth.
• To learn how the students see their world; to research and address the developmental needs of HK and Chinese youth.
• To create a model project that can be replicated in Hong Kong and China, serving a larger student population.
• To expand the instructional base of HK art teachers.
• To establish The Robert H.N. Ho Family Foundation as a significant sponsor of arts and education in HK and China.