Press for Zen Camera

“A never-before-seen photography practice that helps artists to channel their inner creativity using nothing more than their vision and a camera – even a phone camera will do.” – Signature Reads

“Ulrich…offers a deeper look at creating and capturing images — by sharing practices that can help us bring a level of presence to both the process and resulting image.” –Books for Better Living

"Whether you’re a newbie, amateur photographer, or seasoned professional, this book will help you cultivate creativity with a camera and in all areas of your life.” – Lion’s Roar

"Zen Camera is a well written and informative guide to taking better pictures… Recommended for those wanting to improve their photographic eye.” – Evilcyclist blog


MATT BELAIR, one-hour video interview (podcast), April 2019: David Ulrich: The Seven Stages of Creativity—Art, Photography, Music, Dance

MyND Talk Radio with Dr. Pamela Brewer, June 2019: Zen Camera: Creative Awakening / David Ulrich

THE SANITY SNACK Blog, November 2018: The Camera in Your Pocket: From Selfies to Life-Changing Creativity, by David Ulrich

CONVERSATIONS LIVE, November 2018: Blog Talk Radio Interview

THE TATTOOED BUDDHA Blog, November 2018: Want a bit of Zen? Photography Can Bring You in the Zone, Book Excerpt

THRIVE GLOBAL Website, November 2018: Book Excerpt Zen Camera

SPIRITUAL MEDIA BLOG, November 2018: Q&A with Author David Ulrich

OUTDOOR PHOTOGRAPHY Magazine, May 2018: Book Review

NEW DIMENSIONS RADIO: One hour radio interview, Self Discovery Through Photography with David Ulrich. Free streaming.

NEW DIMENSIONS CAFE´: Podcast, 15 minutes. Photography: Moving Us to Greater Empathy with David Ulrich.

RESURGENCE AND ECOLOGIST Magazine (UK), July/August 2018: Zen and the Art of Seeing, interview/article by Grace Rodgers. Print Version Here

TRIKE, Tricycle Magazine Blog: Selfies to Self-reflection, by Lakshmi Gandhi

PARABOLA Magazine Podcast Episode 26: “Wealth”, Power of Attention, printed Zen Camera excerpt read by Betsy Cornwell. Starts at 12:04 on podcast.

HAWAI‘I PUBLIC RADIO: The Conversation, Interview with David Ulrich on Zen Camera Photography. Scroll to second interview on page.

RESOURCE magazine. Meditative Photography: How Finding Your Zen Can Improve Your Art, by Elizabeth Heleba.

BOOKS FOR BETTER LIVING. When Instagram Becomes Our Meditation Mat, by Helen Avery.

SIGNATURE, Penguin/Random House blog. Snapping Into Focus: Photography As Mindful Practice, by David Ulrich

SIGNATURE, Penguin/Random House blog. 8 Books to Help You Navigate Modern Technology, byJessica Mizzi

LION'S ROAR Magazine. Buddhist Wisdom for Our Time. Review: “Zen Camera”, by Andrea Miller.

BLOGGING FOR BOOKS. Book Reviews — Zen Camera: Creative Awakening with a Daily Practice in Photography. 70 short reviews of Zen Camera on Blogging for Books review site.

EVILCYCLIST blog. Book Review — Zen Camera: Creative Awakening with a Daily Practice in Photography

MINDFUL PHOTOGRAPHY, Lee Aspland blog. Zen Reasons to Love Photography.

CONTEMPLATIVE LIVING THROUGH PHOTOGRAPHY, Kim Manley Ort blog. Telling your Story through 5 Visual Elements.


Zen Camera is to photographers what The Artist’s Way is to writers. This master class in creativity deserves a place in your home – I highly recommend this book! Create with Joy blog