Longing for Light: Into the Heart of Vision

Avocado Tree, Akron, OH 1971

Table of Contents


Chapter One: A Camera
Four Dead in Ohio

Chapter Two: Minor White
The Eye that Shapes
Heightened Awareness

Chapter Three: The Creative Response

Chapter Four: Inner Work: The Task of Seeing
Obstacles to Direct Perception
Learning To Suspend
Relational Awareness

Chapter Five: The Intelligence of Vision
Proprioception of Impressions
Seeing from the Heart
The Courage to See
Engaging the World

Chapter Six: The Event

Chapter Seven: Discoveries
The Eye and the Brain
The Reenchantment of Vision

Chapter Eight: Landscape of Transformation

Chapter Nine: Learning to See: Vision and the Creative Process
Working Beyond Resistance
Collective Intelligence
Non-ordinary Sight
First Thought; Best Thought
Learning To Observe

Selected Bibliography

Appendix A: Heightened Awareness: A Working Method

Appendix B: Tools and Techniques
Induced Concentration
The Mind’s Eye