Zen Camera: Creative Awakening with a Daily Practice in Photography


Images from the Author's Daily Record with a cell phone camera.

Table of Contents

Introduction: Contribute Your Verse

Basic Principles and Methods
Your Daily Record
Frame of No-Mind
Daily Observation

Lesson One: Observation
The Five Visual Elements of Photography
Tools and Exercises

Lesson Two: Awareness
Mindfulness in Photography
Heightened Awareness

Tools and Exercises

Lesson Three: Identity
Style and Authenticity
1+1 = Infinity
Communication and Evocation

Tools and Exercises

Lesson Four: Practice
Process and Attunement
Your Digital Crayons
Beginner’s Mind

Tools and Exercises

Lesson Five: Mastery
Freedom and Discipline
Pushing the Edge

Tools and Exercises

Lesson Six: Presence
Spectacle vs. Presence
Sift, Edit, and Refine
Power of Attention

Exercises in Presence and Attention

Photography and Awakening,
the Terrors and Pleasures of Digital Life

The Illusion of Separateness
Digital Life and Zen Practice
Photography in the Twenty-First Century

Reading List